The purpose of a brochure is to highlight a company’s benefits, products or services. I decided to make a brochure as if I owned a bakery, that would promote baking lessons given by me. One of my favorite hobbies is to bake. Growing up, my dad often called me "Kaeli Bakes" or "Kaker Baker." I have always wanted to attend a baking class where I'd learn how to bake completely from scratch.

The first slide is the "outside" of the brochure. The front page of the brochure, seen on the third panel, reads "Book your Baking Lessons Today at Kaeli-Bakes Bakery." I placed the background image on the front and back pages of the brochure to tie together the beginning and end. The middle panel is the back of the brochure when folded. The back has a simple quote that ties in with baking and would leave readers smiling. The first panel shown, on slide one, is seen when you open or close the brochure. This page explains how to schedule a baking lesson at Kaeli-Bakes and gives the bakery's contact information.

The second slide is the "inside" of the brochure. The first page you open up the brochure to is the first panel, the "About Us" page. To the right, the middle panel informs readers about the baking classes at the bakery. This page includes a schedule of classes and what is included with each class. The third panel of slide two is a free recipe card. The recipe card is placed on the third page of the brochure, on the back of the schedule and contact page.

I created this three-fold brochure using Adobe InDesign CC. I first created a two-page document and added three panels to each page. I then customized the layout of each panel and added the content and photos.

Front of the brochure
Back of the brochure