I created my logo using Adobe Photoshop CC. I designed my logo in a way that would reflect my personality and style while being simple and elegant. I love the beach and natural colors, so I chose to reflect that by using watercolor strokes of beige colors throughout my website. The beige watercolor strokes displayed on my logo match the color scheme I used throughout my entire website. As seen in my tutorial, I created my own watercolor brushes in Photoshop and added paint strokes to create my logo. To keep it simple, I added my first initial on to the design. The font I chose is called "Autumn in November." The font is elegant and looks as if it has been painted, so I thought it would fit in perfectly. My logo can be found on the title tabs of each page on my website and logo.


My nametag can be seen on the top right corner of every page on my website. My nametag is also displayed on the title page of my blog. The style of my nametag matches the style of my personal logo and the theme of my website. Like my logo, I created my nametag in Adobe Photoshop CC. I started off by keeping the beige watercolor look, but this time I only painted one stroke. To keep the simple yet elegant look, I changed the fonts up a bit. I kept my first name in the “Autumn in November” font to match my logo. To make my nametag more simple, I chose to write my last name in all caps using the font “Calibri.” You can find a tutorial on how to create the watercolor splotches, that I used on my personal logo, nametag and throughout my website, here.