Using Adobe InDesign CC, I created my very own magazine. I first customized the 24-page layout of the magazine and then inserted each of my stories and photos. I created this magazine for a style and design for public relations messages course. Through that same course, I was required to submit weekly blog posts to the Auburn Family website. The Talk Around Toomer’s magazine consists of a collection of the stories that I originally wrote from the Auburn Family website.

I came up with the title The Talk Around Toomer’s because the magazine revolved around different people or happenings around Auburn. Toomer’s Corner is considered to be the heart of Auburn to many. It connects the town of Auburn to Auburn University’s campus. If you have ever been to Auburn, chances are you've sipped on sweet lemonade at Toomer's Drug Store or rolled Toomer's trees. Toomer’s Corner is full of Auburn’s spirit and tradition; on one side, you’ll see the historic Toomer’s Drug Store, a must stop shop when visiting Auburn, and on the other side, you’ll see the famous Toomer’s Oak trees that Auburn fans roll with toilet paper when celebrating. The stories found in this magazine may give you a glimpse into what the spirit of Auburn is all about, by describing feelings, memories and activities, featuring different Auburn students and their interests, and much more.

The stories in my magazine are titled This is the Auburn Family, The Girl on The Run, There is a Place in Auburn for Everyone, Saturday Down South, Smiles for Miles, and Decorate your Dorm.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in my work. I hope it brings you back to a time when you were a part of something as special as Auburn. War Eagle!