Here you will find different writing samples I have created. All of the writing samples below were created as proof-of-concept assignments for a Multimedia Writing course. To view each writing sample, click the title of each writing sample or the last sentence of each paragraph. Most of my work can also be found on my blog.

Professional Biography: A professional biography is a story-based version of one's professional life that showcases career accomplishments in a crisp, concise way. View my professional biography here.

News Release: A news release, also known as a press release, is written communication that reports specific yet brief information about an event, circumstance or other happenings. View my news release here.

Audio News Release: An audio news release is aimed at securing coverage for your story. They are the radio counterpart to television's video news release and print's traditional news release. View my audio news release here.

Media Advisory: A media advisory alerts the media about upcoming events in a clear and concise way. They list who, what, where, when and why. View my media advisory here.

Pitch Letter: A pitch is a direct, focused mechanism for generating news coverage. View my pitch here.

Tip Sheet: A tip sheets are used to provide media reporters with key information on possible stories. View my tip sheet here.

Media Kit: A media kit is a collection of written materials designed to introduce an expert or company to the media. It is targeted solely to the news media and provides them with the research, facts, perspective and historical content needed to understand a story. My media kit consists of a news release, backgrounder, biographies, quotes, visual materials and a detailed description of the organization's facilities. View my media kit here.

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Multimedia Writing samples